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vote for the president if the election were today. 41% say they woo pick mr. romney. those numbers are similar from the washington post polls, in florida, ohio and virginia. >> developing overseas tonight, a grim milestone in the war in afghanistan. the death toll for u.s. troops has now reached 2,000. the most recent deaths came this weekend. two americans killed when a fire fight broke out between u.s. forces and their afghan army allies. the afghan defense ministry said the battle was a result of a quote, misunderstanding between international forces and afghan soldiers. >> i think the signature attack that we're beginning to see is going to be the insider attack. >> this is something we have to discuss in detail, something that i feel a responsibility to correct. >> more than 50 international security assistants and four service members have been killed this year in attacks between u.s. forces and the afghan counterparts. an investigation is underway into the latest incident. [ yelling ] >> violence in the streets of pakistan after a former lawmaker makes a very strong and dist
. is that fair, mark? >> it is fair. you want to go back to the numbers. wherever mitt romney goes, his unfavorable number goes up. in florida in, he was at 35% unfavorable personally. now he is at 48% unfavorable. ohio, 34%, now 49%. it is a problem. that has just been the reverse with obama. what do you do? you could read the rose garden strategy. mitt it does not have a rose garden. >> charles, you write that " romney's and willingness to go big, to go for the larger argument, is simply astonishing ." >> it was a great opening, politically. american embassies of flame, ambassador being killed, an american riots in tunisia -- that is the collapse of a four- year policy on the middle east. rather than make a serious speech connecting the dots and talking about exactly that, the collapse of the policy, the result of a naive approach to tyrants in the region, he does one drive by shot, which was accurate but only one, and then he gives a speech to the clinton global initiative about reforming foreign aid, for god's sake. there was a huge opportunity missed. the core problem is this un wi
say they would vote for president obama. 47% say they would vote for mitt romney. those numbers have not moved since early last month. they are in a statistical tie there when you account for the margin of error. in the swing states, the president's lead grows to 11 points among likely voters. 52% to 41%. in ohio, a new poll shows the president leading 51% to 42%. a nine-point spread. in august, the same poll had the two candidates tied at 45%. in iowa, paul ryan will be campaigning today. the des moines register has the president leading 49% to 45%, just 2% there are undecided. those numbers raising the stakes for the romney campaign ahead of wednesday's debate. right now expectations are with the president. 55% of likely voters expect him to win the debate. in preparation for the match-up, the president is hunkered down with his aides in nevada, romney spent the weekend practicing in boston. both sides looking to play the role of underdog in the debate, downplaying expectations and talking up the opponent, but not chris christie who spoke yesterday on "meet the press" about his con
, the president gets 41%. governor romney gets 56%. governor romney's beating him by a big number, how is that good for president obama? given the president's support among african-americans, latinos and other voters, governor romney needs to keep the president to 37%, no more than 38% of the white vote. if the president's cracking 47% of the white vote, that's a formula for an obama victory. and where are the key big battleground states? there are several in the midwest. ohio, iowa, wisconsin. look at the race in the midwest. obama, 52%, romney, 43%. the president is winning that part of the country. out west in denver, colorado, nevada, among the battlegrounds out here in the west. ten-point lead in the west for the president. 54% to 44%. the white vote and if you look regionally, there are things that give the president's team some optimism. >> if you're the romney campaign looking at these new poll numbers, what should give the romney folks some optimism? >> reporter: one of the reasons we are back in a closer race, a statistical dead heat nationally f you go state by state, it's a
numbers, president obama basically out raised mitt romney two to one. in terms of overall numbers. mitt romney raised a lot of numbers. president obama used a lot of his money early on. so the edge has been narrowed. but clearly they need money for the homestretch. this is one of the problems with polls. when polls show you behind, people loosen enthusiasm. people, particularly businessmen, and a lot of businessmen are supporting mitt romney, they say why am i putting our money in a campaign which is losing? better off to divert it to other races which are where we have a chance to keep the house, maybe take the senate or add seats to the senate. that is what they're doing right now. it is a nascent trend. i talked to some people at center for responsive politics. i said listen can you see it in the numbers? they said no can't see in the current numb bothers which are good up to september 21. the next reporting deadline is october 20. you might be able to see it there. clearly inside the romney campaign. this is happening. it is concerning. they know because of these poll numbers and th
% are undecided. those numbers are raising the stakes for the romney campaign ahead of wednesday's debate in denver. and right now expectations seem to be with the president. 55% of likely voters expect him to win the debate, according to polling from a the washington post and abc news. >> a poll that means absolutely nothing. >> it's good for romney. >> because he's got lower expectations. >> underdog. >> i guess so. >> and people could be surprised simply by seeing them side by side. i mean, the symbolism, the symbiotics i don't think can be overstated. seeing them side by side, if romney does well, i think he'll get a bump no matter what the sort of intricacies are. just side by side with the president in terms of stature and in terms of people thinking he can win, on equal footing. >> willie, he does well during the debates. we saw this during the republican primary. he faced a challenge from newt gingrich, he won. he faced a challenge from rick perry. people would say hey, this is a do-or-die debate. mitt romney must prove he can deliver the knockout blow, and he did do it in the deb
coming to incarcerated juveniles. >>> days from the first presidential debate. new poll numbers show mitt romney has a lot of catching up to do. >>> plus, important deadline the u.s. postal service couldn't deliver on. >>> milestone for the . >>> most of the country in the 60s and 70s 103 phoenix, 80 portland, 71 seattle. airports you can see all on time severe weather in atlanta could back up. without the clouds here not expecting delays in san francisco, oakland or san jose. >>> 4:48. fundraiser was held yesterday for the family of fallen chp officer kenyon youngstrom killed during a traffic stop on i-680 in alamo earlier this month. the support has been tremendous. >> the community outreach because eye done this, has just been unbelievable. i've had people pledge cash. we've got a website with the fallen heroes organization. we work closely with for a long time here in alamo. >> the restaurant owner is urging people who want to support youngstrom's widow and four children to drop off donations at the restaurant. >>> president obama and mitt romney are preparing for this week's high pro
anew at mitt romney. not necessarily some argument on the numbers but something where some side of him comes out that people have lost over the course of the last year. chris: well said. mitt romney need as debate that could turn the polls around. there have been three presidential years when debates had that effect. turning the gallup poll around. moving the challenger ahead and on to victory. the first was when a cool handsome jack kennedy buried the nervous vice president richard nixon who turned down makeup and sweated uncontrollably. and nixon's image as a loser was driven home by questions like this. >> president eisenhower's asked to give one example of a major idea of yours that he adopted. his reply was, and i'm quoting, if you give me a week, i might think of one, i don't remember. >> i would suggest that if you know the president, that was probably a facetious remark. president president has asked for my advice. i have given it. sometimes my advice has been taken. sometimes it has not. chris: the second time a debate turned things around was ronald reagan's direct appeal to
numbers have gotten worse for mitt romney particularly in the battleground states, what you see is the big money contributors, and particularly i hear this is happening in new york, i also hear it's broader based geographically. they're starting to hedge their bets. a lot of people thought they'd start beginning to president obama. i hear they're not doing that, but they are diverting money that was promised to mitt romney and diverting it to these house and senate races where they think they can help republicans keep the house and maybe pick up seats in the senate, maybe take the senate. ashley: so they're losing heart in the campaign. >> reporter: clearly there is a trend out there where they are, and the money is starting to shift. now, this trend is lot of people -- these same people that i'm talking to, i will say these are major fundraisers for mitt romney, and they raise for other people, republicans, and not only that, they are pretty tight inside the campaign. what they're saying is they think this trend could be reversed. what could reverse this trend? a really good debate perfor
and romney are trailing in the polls especially in the swing states. a growing number of republicans that say romney needs a clear are victory on wednesday or else the donor support will start to dry up and so will the grass roots support. >> first of all, the polls are close. this is going be a close race. second of all i don't think. >> chris: but you are trailing. >> we are running against an incumbent president with incredible resources. more importantly i don't think one event is going to make or break this campaign. president obama is a very gifted speaker. the man has been on the national stage for many years. he is an experienced debater. he has done these kinds of debates before. this is mitt's first time on this kind of a stage. >> chris: there were 23 debates during the primarys. >> people are going to see who is mitt romney and what kind of president is he going to be and what are the choices i have. that is what matters in this particular debate and all of the debates which is i know what president obama has done and all of the empty promises and broken promises and know about th
reporting as usual. thank you. >> thank you. >> cenk: problem number one for romney is that they don't have the goods. they just don't have a plan that addings up. in fact, paul ryan will tell you i don't want to do the math. >> you haven't given me the math. >> well, i don't have the time. it would take me too long to go through all of the math. >> cenk: oh really, too long. well we'll break it down for you in the next segment. then some of holy spirit's top liberals are going after the teacher's union, and there is a trick behind that. find out who is financing the movie. we'll have that later in the movie. [ laughing ] >> try it again. >> i can't. >> i think there are real problems inside the teachers' union right now. fast max. use as directed. >> cenk: of course, the debates start this week. the first one is on wednesday and it will be covering here on current with vice president al gore and myself and the rest of the fun gang. everyone is discussing who is going to win the debates and can romney knock out president obama because he needs a knock knockout punch etc. you got to underst
and principles that enable us to do that. >> chris: it is clear that you two, you and romney, are trailing in the polls, especially, in the key swing states, and there are a growing number of top republicans who say that romney needs a clear victory. not a wash, a clear victory on wednesday, or else, the donations will dry up and so will the grassroots support. >> first of all, the polls are close. this is going to be a close race an -- >> but you are trailing. >> we are running against an incumbent president and running against and in become kent president with incredible resources, but, more importantly, i don't think one event is going to make or break this campaign. look, president obama is a very gifted speaker. the man has been on the national stage for many years. he's an experienced debater and has done these kinds of debates before and this is mitt's first time on this kind of a stage... >> chris: 23 debates during the primaries. >> what people will see is who is mitt romney. what kind cough a president is he going to be and what are the choices i have? to me that matters, in this
patakokus i want to go to you first. if someone asked me the numbers about the romney tax cuts, i would say, heck, in a middle class family, earning $130,000, a cop and his wife who's a teacher, would get about $11, 0 $11,000, $12,000 tax cuts. shouldn't romney and paul use figures like that? >> i think the problem is that they from the very beginning said this is going to be a revenue neutral tax cut. which brings you to which tax rates you -- they're going to scale back. it would saves $10,000 for this couple. how are you going to pay for it? aren't you going to take away some of the deductions. this country has two problems. we're going to cut taxes, we also have a debt problem and no could country in the world has ever gotten out of its debt problems like that. >> the benjamin netanyahu red lined and said no middle class tax reduction t upper income tax deduction is gone, that's good, in turn for a lower rate. but it's a red line. >> and the business tax rates, they said they were going to get rid of that, they were going to low the rate. focus on that. >> so your guy, president obama
has done the debates before. this is mitt's first time on this stage. >> romney campaign was left to slap itself in the forehead when governor chris christie apparently didn't get the expectations memo. >> wednesday night is the restart of the campaign, i think you will see the numbers start to move right back in the other direction. thursday morning, the entire narrative of the race will change. >> reporter: in truth, debates rarely move polls in a significant ways. one notable exception was in 2000. when -- >> that's what a governor gets to do. >> dismissive al gore threw away a five-point lead in the course of three debates. >> romney advisors are just hoping for a solid performance. no knock-outs on wednesday night. >> i don't think one event is going to make or break this campaign. >> romney advisors told me they don't expect that they could level knock-out blow against president obama. the skilled debaters such as he is. always playing the expectation game. bret? >> bret: john, thanks. >> we're just five weeks and one day away from election day. and a little more than 48 hou
. this campaign, i think you'll see the numbers start to move right back in the other direction. gerri: i have to tell you, a is there a magic reset button to maccabean of the day a lot of associations with romney have already been formed. >> certainly that is what the governor said hanoi's. under sure that's what is going to happen. i agree with you. a lot of people were saying he had three chances to make a real impression. one with the vice-presidential pick, convention speech, and a speech with the debate. we are at the third one. people have a pretty good impression. i tend to thinking that what we will see is a fairly inconclusive results. both could, of smart guys. we may want come away with romney thinking that he won. gerri: i expectations. i want to show our viewers some pictures of the westin like las vegas resort. this is where the president to sank. like a little out there? diskette under my skin a little bit. look. i mean, it is the president. you know, is he taking a vacation? >> they like to go to these debate camps and seclude themselves. you would think that you could do what
for a long time. let me show you something about mitt romney and zingers going back a little bit. >> coming up with the best answers for the best zingers. and number two is being able to communicate to the people of america that you're a leader. i think i have the best ideas for our nation. i think i have some pretty good zingers. >> so he's been talking about zingers since at least late last year, michelle. i mean, what is it with him and zingers? when are we going to hear specifics on his economic policies, on his health policies? every time specifics come up, they want to talk about something else and he's running around obsessed with zingers? >> yeah. i don't -- from what i'm -- zingers were a little debbie snack cake for years. i don't know what he's talking about most of the time because he doesn't need a zinger. he needs a message and this is what he's going to have to figure out in his debate what his core message that he always brings every question back home to is going to be. this is what you do. this is how you make an impact. you know, the guy doesn't have a catskill comedian's
to president romney but i'm just saying. increasing number are scrambling for divine intervention now that the sho polls show their candidate's chances are not looking good. they called for mass fasting to help elect mittens. >> i want to hear what harry reid has to say about that. >> stephanie: harry reid is already kind of skinny. >> i don't think i can think of a fat mormon. >> pretty sure that any kind of indulgence like that is some kind of sin. upsets american jesus or something. >> stephanie: american jesus. >> i love you rude pundit. oh, my god. >> stephanie: all right honey, we'll see you next week. great stuff as always. bye, sweetheart. american jesus. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] forget that he was a mideastern jew. okay. american kick ass jesus. that's what we believe in. >> rambo of nazareth. >> stephanie: rambo jesus. wow. did you see this one speaking of bad romney surrogates? john bolton. he harshly criticized the obama administration's response to libya this month calling the u.s. respo
of new jersey went on the air and hit mitt romney's expectation right out of the ballpark. listen to this. wednesday night the restart of this campaign i think you will see those numbers move right back in the other direction. come thursday morning the entire narrative of this race is going to change. >> you know, if you are in the romney camp, you are doing one of these. but truth be told they would like to see the race turned upside down wednesday morning. they don't want people to expect it. shep? >> shepard: john roberts, thanks very much. well, president obama spent the day in nevada. one of those key battleground states. campaign aides say he will be practicing for wednesday's debate with mock show downs with senator john kerry. team fox coverage continues. ed henry is live in las vegas tonight. tell us how the president is trying to lower expectations, ed? >> well, shep, to hear the obama camp tell it, it's almost as if they are not sure the president is going to be able to show up and complete a full sentence. jay carney was telling reporters a few moments ago the president gives
romney because he's had to change positions a number of times throughout the campaign. >> well, that's the democratic talking point. having said that, do you think that this is -- the debates are a lot about who would you rather have a beer with? who would you like to have lunch with? >> my sense is the debate is about who has the better vision for the country's future. who really understands the challenges. who's got the right plan and who's likeliest to make it happen. >> what do you think the biggest challenge is for the president? in bloomberg, al hunt said i think the president's problem is looking arrogant. he can sometimes come off as being contemptuous. >> upg the biggest challenge for any candidate is focusing on getting your message out. he spent months now for delivering his message. where he wants to take the country. to be really focused in making sure that comes through. >> you're plugged into voters. i'll tell you what i hear. you tell me if it's different. when am i going to hear something substantive. they feel that there has been a lot of fighting in this race. that
or you ask them directly. if i told you that mitt romney had not paid taxes for x number of years would make you less likely to vote for him and some percentage of people either move when they hear of the new information or the tell you they wouldn't move. people telling you that they wouldn't move is a pretty sort of conjecture will thing. i wouldn't trust anybody that told you what they would do under a hypothetical scenario learned some information. they may or may not already know. and that is part of the problem of the polls they ask people if you know a piece of information you may or may not already know. and so in our focus groups, you bring somebody in the and show them and add and ask them again and change their mind. now you are prompting somebody to change their mind and they are being forced to watch an ad they might otherwise to now. user lady programs of dubow campaign have introduced them into the real world survey randomly assigned mail to assign to the electorate or they randomly assigned a certain markets. and then because of the polling across the markets, they can s
, and it they wills them a bunch of information. you see if moves or you ask somebody directly. if i told you romney hadn't paid taxes for x number of years make it more or less likely to vote for them. some people fell you would they move. people telling you they would move is a pretty sort of con ject yiewrl thing. i wouldn't cognitively trust anybody that would do under the hypothetical scenario. they may or may not already know. that's part of the problem with the polls they ask people if you knew of a piece of information you may or may not already know. or in focus groups you bring somebody in and so you a dozen people and show them an ad and you ask them again did everybody change their mind. you're purchasing somebody to change their mind and they're being forced to watch an ad they might tune out. using the experimental things that the obama campaign has. they randomly assign mail ron comely to a -- randomly assign tv ads to certain markets and then because they're polling across those markets, they can see who moved, based on message or type of ad or mail this they have the data, you know,
presidential debate, why new poll numbers this morning shows mitt romney has a lot of catching up to do. >>> plus, the important deadline the u.s. postal service could not deliver on. why the future is looking murkier this morning. >>> milestone for digital disc that [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. >>> time for our california forecast heat building up from with beaches in the 70s, 80s, 90s bay, 90s 100s inland more 100s through the central valley doppler is dry across the state. 100 in l.a. today, 86 san diego, 108 palm springs, tahoe 81°. big sur 87 today, not only are the beaches around here going t
here. it sounds like strategies are changing in an effort to turn the battleground state numbers toward him. >>guest: right. romney has been running a national campaign based on the economy, based on getting obama out of office but we have seen him when he is in ohio or virginia, focus on niche issues like energy. so he seems to be recognizing that this race is going to be determined by those few states. however, his campaign and republicans often tout the national polls that show a tightened race where as the obama campaign has always said the race will be tight nationally but we are look specifically at the states such as virginia, ohio, florida colorado and those states to look at how the campaign is going. >>shepard: you listen carefully to their message and it sounds like the folks lean on defense and foreign policy and they have been going after the president and his team regarding the attack at the embassy. >>guest: absolutely. if you look at the new "washington post" poll, obama is leading on almost every issue. romney only leads on handling the deficit but the two are split on
? >> i think romney has to be able to be accessible, number one, during the debate, as robert mentioned. but he also has to have a conversation with the american people and be forthcoming, just like president obama had a conversation on race in 2008. mitt romney, it would serve him well to have that conversation with the american people and how he can best serve them. let me go back to this 47%. the reason that the 47% hits home to so many people is that these working americans are working two to three jobs. they are working them because they are aspiring for a better america. so when mitt romney says he didn't want to represent the 47%, he was going after the american democracy and say we may not be able to do it today but we're investing in our future for our children and ourselves. >> secretary reich, when you look at "the washington post" poll and voters were questioned about who they trust on issues, on medicare, president obama leads by 4%. the question of medicare, when i talk about it's about your mama, not obama, the question of the great society programs that really help peopl
colorado. can a solid performance at the denver debate help mitt romney change the perceptions and boost his poll numbers? >>> and the expectations game isn't slowing down one bit. both sides say the other side was one of the most gifted debate performers in the history of mankind. so if they're both right, then this should be a heck of a night on wednesday, shouldn't they? lincoln douglas, watch out. >>> plus at the brink, a special nbc news report from all across the middle east, afghanistan, iran, syria, as multiple situations grow more dangerous da, what challenges face this president and whoever takes office in january? >>> good morning from washington. it's monday, october 1st, 2012. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck todd. one more rundown. let's get to the rundown. mitt romney need as great october to change the course of this campaign. for your him it had to begin wednesday night in denver. romney had just a rough three weeks. he's had a rough three months. you could argue that romney hasn't, quote, won a month in this campaign since may or june. a trailing campaign has just a
romney, 47%, scott rasmussen from rasmussen reports is in new jersey. and scott, those numbers were released a few minutes ago and suggests that the rasmussen tracking poll now reflects, or is reflective of the national trend towards president obama. >> and absolutely. president obama has a slight edge at the point in team. and, but for anybody who takes these numbers and says the election is over is a misreading of what we're seeing. in each of the last two elections between october 1st and election day, the results have shifted about 3 points, so we're not sure if it will continue this time around or which direction it will shift. it raises competitive. with the debates, the vice-presidential debate and the jobs and events in the middle east to come. certain voters, people who say, yes, i am certainly going to vote, going to vote. that shows 42% romney, 41% president obama. now, that's an uncommitted at 17%. and that's-- >> persuader. and that's right, it's essentially a tossup as the uncommitted or persuadables. including people who say i'm going to vote for president obama i mig
with mitt romney. might that be a good thing for mitt romney goinging into this with the lower numbers? >> sure. lower -- i never talked to as many romney advisers who compliment president obama as much as they have done in the last week. president obama is a great debater. the way i recall it, brooke, in the last presidential campaign, debates were not president obama's strengths. in fact, he's a much better speechmaker than he is a debater. and don't forget, he hasn't debated an awful lot lately. when the president of the united states and you're in the oval office, people tend not to debate with you an awful lot. you live in the presidential bubble. he hasn't been on stage with other people challenging him. so in a way, he sort of has got to get used to this routine over and over again, where as mitt romney has been on a debate stage an awful lot of times. >> if i recall, you were in a lot of those debates, he's tough, he's no wallflower that mitt romney. what is his biggest challenge, though? going into wednesday? >> the biggest challenge, i think mitt romney has got to do a couple
, one thing tilting in romney the direction. interesting numbers in the poll. which candidate are you confident will get the country back ton track economically? president obama, 47%. mitt romney, 51%. now, obama's had an edge on the economy in a lot of recent polls by a narrow one, two-point margin. not that much difference. interesting nonetheless mitt romney has a little edge there. a nice talking point for this campaign heading into this week, john. >> peter, live in washington. sorry we couldn't be in the same room, just too much raw energy. >> me, too. >> thank you, peter. >>> moving on, the big mystery in tennessee this morning. where you two missing siblings. a 9-year-old and 7-year-old brother. grandparents killed in a house fire last week. it was first believed the children perished it's a well but no sign of their bodies found. on friday a statewide amber alert was issued for them. >>> a taliban taking responsibility for a suicide. three u.s. service members among the three killed. 50 others wounded. the bomber targeted a joint nato-afghan patrol in khost city. this after t
: maybe it's paying off. >> no question about it that the romney folks held back figuring that they could move numbers late. turned out the president's campaign moved the numbers early. >> woodruff: let's talk about these two debates, stu. what does each campaign think it needs to do on wednesday night? let's start with romney. >> normally when you have these presidential debates the challenger needs to look presidential. i don't think the romney folks think that's a problem. he looks like a president. he has experience and maturity. but clearly they need to change the dynamic of the race. all the narrative is bad for the challenger. the obama campaign has been really successful in making the campaign about mitt romney personally, his values, who he stands for. i think the romney folks have to change that. >> woodruff: what do you think? i think that's right. he needs to do two things. he needs to be on the attack on the offense against president obama. he needs to tie people's unhappiness with the economy to obama's own policies because now we have a lot of people unhappy about the econo
. if romney really wanted to attack the problems of this country, he was a solvency is our number one problem and we will go after this budget and get it under control. number two, the economy and capitalism is being ruined by the fed and i will clean house and they want, job one, bernanke goes. he needs to say that. dagen: if there is always the debate. thank you very much, david. connell: bernanke. let's talk a little bit about him right now. dagen: bring it. connell: he will be there at the indiana economic club today making his first remarks in public. dagen: rich edson is standing by with more. >> a very fine city. bernanke speaks about an hour and a half from right now. five questions about the federal reserve and monetary policy and, boy, have there been changes to monetary policy. there is already signs that qe3 is working. however, also, to peter barnes, this man disagreed. >> to compare the effects of a kiwi action in 08 and 09 with what happened today would in fact markets are not dysfunctional, you cannot apply the findings from qe1 and think we will get the same effects. i think
. megyn: fox news alert on some numbers from the campaign trail that illustrate how much could be at stake when president obama and governor romney go head to head a little more than 48 hours from right now. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. a new survey of likely voters finds that almost one in five say that they can still be swayed to vote for either candidate here. and some of those wavering voters say they are waiting for these debates to help them decide. the headline here according to bloomberg, about 18% of the electorate is, quote, persuadable, and that is a big number considering that early voting has already begun. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on so the campaigns have got to see that, in particular the romney camp, as good news, chris, since he is shown as trail anything a lot of these swing state polls as well. >> well, certainly it's not good news if you're president obama. if that's true, if you really have 18% persuadable voters, this comes after fife months -- five months of the most stained
now. call the number on your screen now! >>> mitt romney's running mate paul ryan hits the sunday talk shows today and acknowledged what he described as campaign missteps. he talked about the presidential race's final 37 days with two cnn contributors l.z. granderson who is also a senior wrir for espn and anna navarre row, a republican strategist, and i asked anna if paul ryan's remarks are part of a deliberate strate strategy. >> look, i don't know if it's a smart strategy, but i know it's a realistic strategy. obviously they're down in the polls. they've got to do some retweaking. i think he's being humble. i think he's being realistic. he's admitting there's been some mistakes made. rid million roy has admitted he didn't do the mostar tick lot expression when he was speaking about that 47%. so i think it is a good thing. they do need to eat a little humble pie and admit that things are not all rosy. >> peggy noonan has said this is sort of a hinge, this is a turning point, it has the potential to alter the dynamic of the election. l.z., do you see the debate as that crucial this fir
i think the romney team has trouble, once you can actually drill down and say, but how does it work? show me the numbers. there is no answer. >> right. paul ryan thinks he can use this kind of policy wonk construction that he's been able to create to evade policy discussions. he told brit hume earlier i don't want to get too wonky on you when he asked him when is this budget going to balance. he did the same thing here, where he says look, you know, the math is just too complicated, just trust me on this. you can lower taxes by 20% and it's free. the problem is, nobody believes that. and you can't say well i'm really smart and know the numbers and there's cbo baselines and hope people change the channel. maybe what they should have said is i'm going to cut taxes by 20% and the economy will go through the roof. they didn't say that. they said i'm going to cut taxes by 20% and find other revenue. where will you find the other revenue? not saying. >> there is not enough time, eric, not really is a discussion -- that's not a good rejoineder. i'm no debate pro, but you know. >> that's th
raise or four years. the deal cost the school district's $74 million per year. it is that number that worries moody's. school system is already facing a billion dollar deficit in 2014. well, still to come, romney's people trying to lower expectations for next week's debate. his steaks. and the film that sparked violence and average around the world. the anti is law movie is banned in other countries. what about your? answers next. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. lori: freedom of speech under fire. one man's video, world leaders up in arms a lori: outrage across the world with his entire islam you to vide
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